Before Immunisation

Should I delay getting my baby vaccinated during Covid-19?

It is important, that the childhood vaccines are given at the recommended time to provide children with maximum protection from vaccine preventable diseases. Delaying the childhood vaccines is putting children at unnecessary risk of vaccine preventable diseases at the time they are most vulnerable to the diseases. 

The HSE also recommends that people attend for medical appointments during this time and this would include attending for childhood vaccinations.

Rachel's daughter was due her 13-month vaccines recently and created a short video to share their experience. 

Can I give my baby anything before they are vaccinated? 

You can give your baby milk to drink a few minutes before their vaccination. This can help to reduce pain at the injection site. 

Do not give paracetamol to your baby before you go to your GP (doctor) surgery.

Should I get anything before my baby’s vaccinations?

Yes. Before your baby’s first injections you should buy some liquid infant paracetamol (120mgs/5ml). This will reduce the fever after their MenB vaccines at 2 and 4 months.

What can I expect after my baby’s 2 and 4 month vaccinations?

A fever is common after MenB vaccine.

Should I give my baby anything after their 2 and 4 month MenB vaccines?

You should give your baby 3 doses of liquid infant paracetamol after the 2 and 4 month visits.
1. Give 2.5 mls (60 mg) of liquid infant paracetamol at the time of the immunisation or shortly after.
2. Give a second dose of 2.5 mls (60 mg) 4 to 6 hours after the first dose.
3. Give a third dose of 2.5 mls (60 mg) 4 to 6 hours after the second dose.

If your baby weighs less than 3.5kg (7lb 7oz) at the 6 week check they will need to be re-weighed when they get vaccinated so you can give them the correct dose of paracetamol.


• If your baby is very unwell after getting a vaccine, they may be sick for some other reason. If you are worried about your baby, please contact your GP (doctor), practice nurse or public health nurse for further advice.

• To bring your baby’s vaccine passport to each GP (doctor) visit so that your baby’s vaccines are recorded and you have this information when they are older.

• You will need paracetamol for your baby’s 2 and 4 month vaccinations.

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This page was updated on 21 September 2020