Request my vaccine records

Access my routine vaccination records

If you received a vaccine from a GP, or an HSE doctor or nurse, your records are held in local health offices. You will need to contact your local health office to request a copy of your records. Find your local health office.

If you received a vaccine that was not part of the HSE National Immunisation Programme in a GP practice, pharmacy, travel health clinic or occupational clinic, contact them for your record.

There is no national database for immunisation records. The National Immunisation Office does not hold individuals’ records.

Access my Swine Flu pandemic vaccine records (2009 and 2010 only)

Find out how to access your Swine Flu pandemic vaccine records

Keep your records safe

It is important you have a record of your routine vaccinations and that you keep it in a safe place.

You may need a record of your routine vaccinations if you are:

  • Travelling to countries with a high risk of certain diseases
  • Starting school or university or a new job

Get an immunisation passport

You can keep a record of all the vaccinations you and your children have received in immunisation passports.

The National Immunisation Office produces vaccination passports that you or the person giving the vaccination can fill in.

You can view a copy of the passport or you can order a passport online.

You can also get a copy in Irish.


This page was updated 21 February 2023