Applying for Home Support Services

You can apply for a home support service if you are at home, in hospital or in a nursing home and wish to return home.

Download the Home Support application form

Ask your local Home Support Office to send you a form.

Completing the form

You can complete the application form yourself or you can ask someone to complete it on your behalf.  

It is important, that you, as the person who needs the service, signs the Declaration and Consent section on Part 1 of the application form. The only other person who can sign Part 1 is a person who has legal authority to do this. For example, a person with Enduring Power of Attorney or if a person is a Ward of Court.

If you are unable to apply yourself, someone can apply on your behalf. This could be your relative, a family carer, GP or public health nurse. There is a part on the application form (Part 2) where this person explains why they are making the application on your behalf.

The completed application form should be returned to your local Home Support Office. The local Home Support Office can help you to complete the application form, if needed.

If you are in hospital, you or your family should ask the person dealing with your discharge plan for an application form. This should be done as soon as possible during your hospital stay as it may help to avoid any delays in your discharge home from hospital.

Read the Home Support Service for Older People information booklet

After you Apply: The Care Needs Assessment