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After you apply: the Care Needs Assessment

The HSE will arrange a care needs assessment to determine your home support needs.

The care needs assessment is done by a healthcare professional, such as a public health nurse. The assessment considers:

  • your ability to carry out everyday tasks, such as bathing, shopping, dressing and moving around
  • any medical, health and other support services being provided to you
  • your family, social and community supports
  • your wishes and preferences

Following your assessment, the HSE will consider your application for a Home Support Service. We will write to you to let you know what supports can be provided.

If you have requested the consumer directed approach, we will also tell you if this was approved.

If your application is approved

The HSE will inform you in writing that your application for home support is approved based on your care needs assessment and available resources at that time.

If you are approved for a Home Support Service while you are in hospital, the support provided will be on an interim basis to enable you to return home. Your needs will be re-assessed within a short period of you returning home and the level of your home support may be adjusted.

Your Home Support Service will be provided by HSE staff or by an Approved Home Support Provider who has an agreement with the HSE to provide this type of service on its behalf.

Choosing an approved home support provider

If your application is not approved

The HSE will inform you in writing that your application for home support is not approved. This decision is based on your assessed level of need. 

The letter will explain how you can appeal the decision, if you wish to do so.