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Choosing an Approved Home Support Provider

The Home Support Service is provided by either the HSE or one of its approved home support providers.  If the HSE cannot provide the support you need then an approved provider will support you.

If your home support is being delivered by an approved provider, you will be asked to choose from a list of approved home support providers.

You can see the list of approved home support providers listed below or ask your local Home Support Office.

Your first choice may not be available so it’s a good idea to include a number of choices when choosing an approved provider. Or we can choose a provider from the list on your behalf. 

Payment will not be made to providers who are not approved by the HSE. Approved providers are only allowed to charge the rates agreed with the HSE. Your provider will ask you to certify that the Home Support Service provided is as agreed with the HSE.

HSE Approved Home Support Providers