Disability Services in Carlow and Kilkenny

The Local Health Office works with clinical and therapeutic services together with a range of voluntary services in the area to provide care and training for children and adults with Intellectual or physical disability. Disability Services are provided to persons with an intellectual, physical, sensory and/or those with an autism spectrum disorder within the 0-65 age range. The disability department delivers services based on needs assessment. The department is co-ordinated by the Co-ordinator for Disability Services, Carlow/Kilkenny.  Access to services is by means of referral which should be made to the individual service departments.

Services include:
- Assessment of Need (AON), Assessment Officer & Liaison Officer;
- Residential Services;
- Adult Day Support Services;
- Respite Services;
- Home Support Services;
- Personal Assistant Services;
- Liaison Public Health Nurse Services (Specialist Nurse);
- Social Work Services;
- Medical Services (Area Medical Officer);
- Occupational Therapy Services;
- Speech & Language Therapy Services;
- Physiotherapy Services;
- Psychology Services.

The Carlow/Kilkenny HSE Disability Services work together with the Disability Voluntary Section to deliver the above services. Such agencies are funded by HSE Disability Services. Access to services is by referral, please discuss with your Liaison Public Health Nurse or General Practitioner. 

The Liaison Nurses assess an individual in relation to their disability needs and makes the necessary referrals to services, their contact details are as follows:

Adult’s Disability Team, Carlow & Kilkenny. Tel: (056) 7784491

Children’s Disability Team, Carlow & Kilkenny. Tel: (056) 7732202

The Disability Service is managed by the Social Care Division which was established to support ongoing service requirements of people with disabilities (as well as older people). It is a fundamental step in moving forward with the design and implementation of models of care across both these Care Groups to support and maintain people to live at home and in their community and to promote their independence and lifestyle choice in as far as possible.

Services for children and young people 0 – 18 years are offered in the following locations:

Children’s Services Centre, Bethany House, Barrack Street, Carlow.
Tel: 056 7732200.

Children’s Services Centre, Kilcreene Campus, Co. Kilkenny.
Tel: 056 778 5648.

Please refer to Citizens Information for information on benefits for people who have a disability (www.citizensinformation.ie).