Primary Care Child Psychology Services

We provide a psychological assessment and therapy service for children aged 0-18 years who are experiencing a mild to moderate, social, emotional or behavioural difficulties.

Contact us:


Primary Care and Child Psychology,

2nd Floor, Primary Care Centre,

Shamrock Plaza,

Green Lane,


Phone: 056-7732018


Primary Care and Child Psychology,

The Bungalow,

Community Services,

James’ Green,


Phone: 056-7730198

What we do

We work with children and their parents or carers to address:

  • behavioural difficulties
  • emotional difficulties (low mood, anxiety, low self-esteem)
  • parenting skills
  • toileting, sleep or eating difficulties
  • coping with loss or bereavement
  • stress and trauma
  • coping with a chronic illness

Children or adolescents who experience more significant difficulties may be more appropriately seen at a secondary mental health service. You can discuss which service is most suitable for your child with your GP or by contacting us directly.

How can the Primary Care Child Psychology Service help?

The services that we provide include:

  • telephone advisory clinics
  • talks and workshops
  • bibliotherapy (the use of books for therapeutic purposes)
  • initial psychological consultations
  • psychoeducational workshops (information sessions for parents on relevant topics)
  • evidence-based parenting groups
  • group interventions
  • individual interventions

How to access this service

GP referral

If you think your child needs our service, your GP may decide to refer you to us.  We also accept referrals from other healthcare professionals and the National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS).


A brief telephone advisory service is available to adults for consultation on issues pertaining to themselves or their child. This service is available on the first and third Wednesday of each month in both Carlow and Kilkenny without an appointment.

There are 4 slots available beginning at 9.30am in Carlow and 9.15am in Kilkenny.

These slots fill very quickly and are operated on a first-come-first-served basis. Please call the clinic on the morning of Telephone Clinic to guarantee your slot.