Services for Older People in Carlow and Kilkenny

The HSE provides a broad range of services for older people in our community, including in-patient acute services, step down and convalescent care, day services, rehabilitation, community services, home care and home helps. The best way to access these services is through the public health nurse, at your local Health Centre.

The long stay facilities in the area are listed below. There are also a large number of private nursing homes registered with the HSE. For a list of the registered private nursing homes in the area call the nursing home subvention section at (056) 778 4633.

View a list of Private Nursing Homes and their Inspection Reports

District Hospitals

Carlow District Hospital (059) 913 6300
Castlecomer District Hospital (056) 444 1246

Hospitals and Homes for Older Persons
Sacred Heart Hospital , Carlow (059) 913 6300
St. Columba's Hospital, Thomastown (056) 775 4821
Bethany House, Carlow (059) 913 0070

Psychiatry of Old Age Services
Department of Psychiatry, St. Luke's Hospital, Kilkenny Tel: (056) 778 5000
St. Otteran's Hospital, Waterford Tel: (051) 848 000

Regional Suicide Resource Officer
Front Block, St. Patrick's Hospital, John's Hill, Waterford Tel: (051) 848 000