Public Health Nursing in Carlow and Kilkenny

There are Public Health Nurses working from every Health Centre in our area, who provide a range of services to people in their homes. They are often your first contact with the HSE, as they visit new mothers to check on them and their
babies, and provide advice on care, feeding and development.

The public health nurse works in your local Health Centre, and plays a central role in providing community-based care to everyone, especially older people living at home.

Your Public Health Nurse can visit you in your home and provide a wide range of services, but they also act as your guide to a lot of other additional care and supports.

Public Health Nurses provide home and clinic nursing care, including post hospital care, dressings, injections, referral to respite and daycare and assessment for Nursing Home Subvention, home support, nursing aids and appliances.

If you require nursing care on discharge from the hospital, your public health nurse will be notified by the hospital and can visit you at home to provide the follow-up attention you need to recover.

Contact your Public Health Nurse at your Health Centre, or call:
Community Services, Kilkenny 056 778 4703
Community Services, Carlow 05677 32000