Chatterbox - Early Intervention Service

Who we are

Chatterbox is an early intervention service for children aged 0 to 6 years. It is part of Cavan/Monaghan HSE Primary Care Speech and Language Therapy Department.

Our goal is to prevent, identify early, or minimise speech, language and communication difficulties.

Chatterbox works with families. We also work alongside those from the statutory, community and voluntary sectors.

What we do:

  • screening in pre-schools to identify speech and language needs
  • parental training courses
  • childcare staff training courses
  • informal support at community groups - these include parent & toddler and breastfeeding groups
  • specific support in childcare settings for children with identified speech, language and communication needs
  • involvement in parenting or childcare events within the community
  • home visits to support children at risk of developing speech, language and communication difficulties
  • make onward referrals to other services

Why we do it

Early identification and intervention is important. Speech, language and communication skills can impact other areas of development. These areas include social, emotional, learning and behavioural development.

Children with unidentified speech, language and communication difficulties may find school life more difficult.

The Chatterbox Service aims to help parents access Speech and Language Therapy support.

We help children who:

  • are late to talk
  • are hard to understand or have trouble saying their speech sounds
  • don’t follow instructions well (they may not understand)
  • have a reduced vocabulary
  • don’t talk in sentences
  • stammer (are non-fluent)
  • have a continually hoarse voice


The Chatterbox Service, 
Monaghan Primary Care Centre,
St. Davnet's Complex,
Co. Monaghan
H18 DE78

For further information on how to access the Chatterbox Service please contact Elizabeth Downey or Carmel Feely.

Phone: 047 955 00 or  087 104 0984



Let’s Talk With Under 5’s

The Chatterbox service delivers a free course called Let’s Talk With Under 5’s.

It is made up of 6 sessions that are 90 minutes long. These sessions take place every 2 weeks. 

It can be either online or face-to-face. Online sessions have up to 7 people in a group. Face-to-face sessions can have up to 15 in a group.

You also get an illustrated workbook full of practical tips and strategies to support your child.

This course covers:

  • communication
  • adult and child interaction
  • the link between play and language
  • using words and sentences
  • asking questions and sharing books

The course helps you to:

  • think about your child's communication
  • try new ideas
  • choose activities 
  • discuss issues

How to access this training

You can access this training through your child's Speech and Language Therapist.