Language Class - Speech and Language Therapy

What is a language class?

A language class is a special class for children with speech and/or language difficulties. The placement is for one or two years. In each class, there are seven children and one teacher. The children receive speech and language therapy at school. The children who attend have developmental language disorder (DLD) and/ or speech difficulties. DLD is when children have substantial difficulties understanding and using spoken language. DLD is not caused by a medical condition, hearing impairment, general learning difficulty or social emotional difficulty. DLD is likely to carry on into adulthood and have an impact on the child’s social and academic achievements.

The children in the class follow the mainstream curriculum. The Speech and Language Therapist works in the class several days each week. The therapist sees the children one to one or in groups. The therapist also works in the classroom with the teacher. The therapist and the teacher work together to best help your child. Parents have an important role in their child’s therapy plan and activities.

Language class service in Cavan and Monaghan

In Cavan there are two language classes in St Felim’s school, Farnham St, Cavan. In Monaghan there are two language classes in St Mary’s Boys school, Monaghan. The children get transport to the classes from all parts of the county.

How does a child get a place in a language class?

A speech and language therapist will tell you if a language class placement may be recommended for your child. Your therapist will talk to you about the placement. If you consent, the therapist will put your child forward as a candidate for the language class. There are entry criteria for the classes. Not all eligible children get places in the class. There are usually more children going forward than places. The school’s board of management grants the places. If your child does not get a place, your child will continue to get speech and language therapy as necessary.