Rehabilitation Unit: St. Joseph’s Hospital, Ennis

The Rehabilitation Unit is located within St. Joseph’s Hospital, Ennis. It runs as a separate service from the Residential Care service. The Rehabilitation Unit is made up of the in-patient ward located in the Cherry Unit and the Therapy Departments which are located in the Heather Unit.

The Rehabilitation Unit provides a multi-disciplinary in-patient service to older people who have experienced deterioration in function following recent illness or surgery. This could include falls, decreased mobility, stroke, neurological conditions or amputation. Referral to the Rehabilitation Unit is by Consultant or GP.


  • Medical Team
  • Nursing
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Podiatry
  • Dietitian

Medical Team

The Medical team consists of a Consultant and Registrar. On arrival to the Rehabilitation Unit patients are admitted by the registrar who then refers to other services as appropriate.


On admission to the Rehabilitation Unit patients have a full nursing assessment. Day to day care is provided by the nursing staff including administration of medication. The nursing team liaise with the other members of the team regarding level of function, progression etc.

Occupational Therapy

Patients are referred to the Occupational Therapist by the Medical Team. Patients are assessed by an Occupational Therapist and an individual rehabilitation plan designed to address their specific needs. Equipment is provided as necessary.

  • The home environment will be discussed and recommendations made if necessary.
  • Memory assessments are carried out as indicated.
  • Occupational Therapy is provided both at ward level and in the Occupational Therapy Department.
  • Follow up Occupational Therapy can be arranged on discharge if indicated.


Patients are referred for physiotherapy by the Medical Team and are generally seen on the next day. Patients are assessed by a physiotherapist and an individual rehabilitation plan designed to address their specific needs. Mobility aids are provided as necessary. Each patient is provided with an individual exercise programme. A patient education session runs every second week.Patients are generally transported to the Physiotherapy Gym in the Heather Unit for treatment or may be seen on the ward if necessary.

Follow up physiotherapy can be arranged on discharge if indicated.

Speech and Language Therapy

If required, referral to Speech and Language Therapy will be made to assess communication and swallowing issues.


If required, referral will be made to the Podiatry Service for assessment of feet and footwear. Not everyone will be suitable for this service e.g. after recent surgery.


If required, referral will be made to the Registered Dietitian for assessment of nutritional status.


Access to the in-patient Cherry Unit is through the main entrance to the hospital. Turn right at reception, at the end of the corridor turn left and the entrance to the Cherry Unit is on the right.

Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy departments are located in the Heather Unit. Turn right at reception, at the end of the corridor turn left. The Heather Unit is the third entrance on the right.

Occupational Therapy is the fourth door on the left. Physiotherapy is at the end of the corridor.

Opening hours

The Cherry Unit is open daily until 20:30 pm There are no formal visiting times however, after 16:00 pm is the best time so as not to interrupt therapy sessions.

Therapy Departments are open Monday to Friam, 08:30am to 16:30pm.

There are no Therapy Services at weekends or on Public Holidays.

Visitors are not allowed in the gym or therapy areas unless arranged with the therapist.

Contact details

Cherry Unit - Phone: 065 686 3814

Occupational Therapy - Phone: 065 686 3839

Physiotherapy - Phone: 065 686 3840

Speech and Language Therapy - Phone: 065 686 5261

Rehab Referrals Admin - Phone: 065 686 3841

More information

For information on what to expect as an inpatient you can view our Rehabilitation Unit booklet or leaflet 

My Rehab Guide Patient Information Leaflet (PDF, size 838 KB, 4 pages)

My Rehabilitation Guide Booklet ( PDF, size 9.04 MB, 24 pages)

Please watch our short video on a patient’s journey through rehab services at St Joseph’s Hospital Ennis "A journey through rehabilitation at St Joseph’s Hospital Ennis"

Information on Occupational Therapy

Information on Physiotherapy

Information on Nutrition