Community Healthcare West Section 39 Grant Aid Agreements

Grant Aid Agreements

Section 39 documentation relates to Community, Voluntary & Not for Profit Agencies being funded under Section 39 of the Health Act, 2004 to deliver health and social care services.

Community Healthcare West strives to ensure compliance with National Financial Regulations and that funded services are aligned to our National and CHO Operational Plans. Funding available via Section 39 is limited and confined to agreed budgets. We wish to highlight that there is no anticipated increase in 2024 funding allocations. Funded Service Providers must be in a position to comply with HSE and Charities Regulator requirements regarding governance, indemnity, insurance, reporting procedures, constitutional matters, operational systems, structures, recruitment & employment policies, training and detailed Codes of Practice for Corporate Governance.

2024 Grant Aid Applications

Regarding applications for 2024 Section 39 Grant Aid, Service Providers should ensure that those applying on their behalf are made aware of the following requirements:

1. An application for Section 39 funding is necessary on an annual basis using the designated Application Forms and associated checklist.

2. Applications must be aligned to the most recent National HSE Service Plan and Community Healthcare West Operational Plan.

3. As an annual funding process, we wish to highlight that some organisations that are currently in receipt of funding, may not be successful in the coming year or may receive less funding.

4. 2024 funding application invitations will be advertised on, key local Newspapers and via the Community Healthcare West Twitter account (@cho2west).

5. The 2024 Section 39 Grant Aid Agreement campaign will commence or open on 1st September 2023 with closing date for application receipt by noon on 27th October 2023. Please note that Applications received outside of this time will not be accepted.

6. Please submit the application using only one of the channels listed below:

  • By Post to: Contract Management Support Unit (CMSU), Community Healthcare West, Room 18, First Floor, Block B, Merlin Park Hospital Campus, Galway, H91 N973
  • By Email to: (when received, a confirmation of receipt will issue within 2 working days)
  • By Hand to: 

a County Galway: Reception: Finance Building, Merlin Park Hospital Campus, Dublin Road, Galway, H91 N973 or Reception: Community Healthcare West, 25 Newcastle Road, Galway, H91 RW28

b County Roscommon: Ms Michelle Morgan, Finance Department, Community Healthcare West, Government Buildings, Convent Rd, Roscommon, F42 VX53

c County Mayo: Mr Pat McHale, Finance Department, Community Healthcare West, First Floor, St. Mary’s Hospital, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, F23 HP58

Please submit your application by one channel only i.e. by hard copy to addresses provided above or by email.

7. Application outcomes will be determined via internal Adjudication Committees and notified to successful Applicants by 28th February 2024.

8. HSE services are not eligible to apply for Section 39 funding.          

9. A dedicated telephone number or voicemail service has been established for any queries - 091 775 003.

To assist with your Section 39 Grant Aid Agreement Application please find the following:

1. Grant Aid Agreement sample

2. Sample Chairpersons statement

3. HSE National Service Plan 2023 (PDF, size 3 MB, 148 pages)

2024 application and allocation timelines

Applications for Section 39 funding accepted from: 1 September 2023
Closing Date: 27 October 2023
Adjudication will occur by: 31 January 2024
Notification of adjudication outcome will be completed by: 28 February 2024

Details regarding the Community Healthcare West National Lottery Campaign
process can be found here. (please visit this link regularly for updates).

Tips on completing a Community Healthcare West Section 39 Grant Aid Agreement Application form:

1. Funding will be sourced from within the available resources.

2. An adjudication process has been established to govern and assure funding decisions. Successful applications will be determined by a collective group of Service Managers and Coordinators from the relevant Division i.e. Older Persons’ Services, Mental Health Services etc.  

3. All applications will be measured against the adjudication criteria and non-compliance will result in funding refusal.             

The criteria against which applications are measured include:

  •   Applicants adherence to Application Checklist requirements
  •   Applicants alignment to CHO & HSE Service Plans
  •   Evidence of Partnership with aligned services
  •   Demonstration of value for money and sustainability
  •   Evidence or demonstration of person centred service ethos                                                        

4. Older Persons’ Services have established additional Care Group Criteria against which applications will also be measured:

a Day Support
b Meals on Wheels
c Transport
d Other

  • Links with Public Health Nurse / GP / Therapies etc.
  • Assistance with Showering / Bathing
  • Assistance with Laundry
  • Assistance with Fuel management
  • Assistance with Physical activities
  • Provision of Classes / further Education
  • Social supports

5. Services seeking funding must demonstrate compliance with all Public Health published guidelines regarding Covid 19

Your Community Healthcare West contacts:
Division/Care Group Name of Contact Telephone
For queries regarding applications to Disability services Aisling Faherty 087 751 0616
For queries regarding applications to Older Persons' Services Orla Irwin 087 250 1011
For queries regarding applications to Mental Health services Katrina Cusack 094 904 9241
For queries regarding applications to Health and Wellbeing Sean Gordon 094 904 2145
For queries regarding applications to Primary Care Michelle Egan 094 904 9069