Application and Negotiation Process

A standard application and negotiation control process exists within the HSE Governance Framework for Non-Statutory Agencies. This process is utilised in situations whereby the HSE decides to provide funding to a voluntary/non-statutory agency in relation to health and personal social services. Two relevant standard processes need to be worked through by HSE Managers depending on whether or not the funding to an organisation is above or below €50,000.

Documentation has been prepared to support these control processes including Flowcharts, Guides and accompanying Forms. These are available for download below.


Application Form for Funding (Version Oct 2019)

This is the standard HSE application form to be completed by all non-statutory organisations applying to the HSE for funding in relation to the delivery of health or personal social services.
Supplementary Supporting Information Form(SSI Form) This is the standard HSE form to be completed by an organisation where the HSE has received an application form and requires additional information in order to make a decision on funding where the amount involved is over €50,000.

Supplementary Information Staffing Template

This is an Excel template used to capture detailed staffing information relevant to a proposed service.

Governance Self Evaluation Questionnaire

This questionnaire provides an overview of a broad range of governance issues relating to a proposed service and provides the organisation with a tool to assess the adequacy of it's governance structures and processes.


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