Longford and Westmeath Local Health Office

We provide a wide range of health and personal social services to the communities of Longford and Westmeath. Through our Local Health Office, Health Centre, Mullingar 044 93 95111 and services are provided at a range of different locations - read more below.


General Practitioner Services
GPs and GP Out of Hours Services - Find details for local GPs/Family Doctors and GP Services available outside of Office Hours


Health Centres and Public Health Nursing
Health Centres and Public Health Nursing - Find contact details for all the HSE Health Centres in our area and Public Health Nurses


Older People Services
Older People Services - Contact details for services for Older People in our area


Children and Family Services

Children and Family Services - Child Health, Welfare and Protection Services, Family Support Services


dental services

Dental and Orthodontic Services - Dental and Orthodontic Services in your area


Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Services - Mental Health Services
Mental Health Services - locate community and hospital psychiatric and mental health services in our area


Disability Services
Disability Services - Services for people living with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities in our area


Social Inclusion Services including Homelessness and Traveller Health
Social Inclusion - Services for Addiction, Assylum Seekers and Travellers


Therapy Services
Therapy Services - Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy, Community Nutrition and Dietetics Service and Chiropody