Dental and Orthodontic Services in Longford and Westmeath

Dental Services
Emergency dental treatment (for the relief of pain) is generally available to all schoolchildren under the age of 16 yrs.

Routine dental treatment
Routine dental treatment will be provided to schoolchildren in target classes in Primary Schools. These children will be called for examination and treatment to the local dental clinic from school lists provided by the schools.
Tel: Longford (043) 3350 107; Westmeath (044) 934 0221

Orthodontic Services
The HSE provides an orthodontic service by qualified specialist staff that is free of charge. The HSE schools dental clinics refer patients for orthodontic treatment. Clinics are located in the dental clinics in Athlone and Longford.
Tel: Longford: (043) 3350 718  Athlone: (090) 648 3172

Orthodontic criteria
Orthodontic guidelines were issued in 1985 by the Department of Health and Children. Children are classified by severity of need. Category A means you require immediate treatment. You are in this category, for example, if you have a congenital abnormality such as cleft lip and palate. Category B patients who have less severe problems but need treatment are put on the waiting list. Discussions are currently under way to introduce a new method of categorising need.