Dental and Orthodontic Services in North Tipperary and East Limerick

THE MidWest HSE Dental Service provides dental care to children (under 16) and adults with special needs.

Primary school children in target primary school classes , usually 1st/2nd class and 6th class , and children with special needs are offered scheduled appointments where their oral health is assessed and limited routine treatment is provided during follow up appointments.

The clinic to which your child will be called is based on the location of their primary school. Contact details for all of the North Tipperary/East Limerick HSE dental clinics is given below. Some of the smaller clinics do not open every day.  Appointments are on weekdays and will likely occur during school hours.   

Due to the Covid pandemic there will be delays in scheduled appointments, e.g. your child may be called for their 6th class check-up when they are in 1st yr or later.

Urgent Dental Care for Children:

Urgent dental care is available for children under 16 years of age, following triage, and is by appointment only. The definition of urgent dental care includes uncontrolled bleeding, pain, trauma, abscess and swelling.

If your child requires an urgent appointment please phone your local clinic between 9am and 9:30am, staff will endeavour to give you an appointment as soon as possible (contact details below). The earlier the call is received the earlier the problem can be dealt with.

There are currently no walk in clinics operating.

Orthodontic Service:

Children will be assessed at the 6th class check-up to determine if they are likely to qualify for orthodontic treatment with the HSE (qualification as per the Department of Health’s Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need).  Children who are likely to qualify are then referred to the HSE Orthodontic Service for a full orthodontic examination where they may be placed on a waiting list for orthodontic treatment if deemed within the guidelines by the orthodontic department.

If your child does not attend for their 6th class check-up it may not be possible to refer them to the HSE Orthodontic Service at a later stage.

Orthodontic Department 061 483748

Contact details:

Clinic Eircode Phone number Address
Borrisokane E45EC61 067 27369 Borrisokane Health Centre, Marian Ave Borrisokane
Cappamore V94DY94 061 381371 Cappamore Health Centre, Moore St, Cappamore
Nenagh E45TW53 067 31742 St Josephs Out Patients Dept, Nenagh Hospital, Nenagh
Newport V94H582 061 378299 Newport Health Centre, Pound St, Newport
Roscrea E53XE48 05 0521918 Roscrea Health Centre, Gaol Rd, Roscrea
Roxtown V94VF84 061483074 Roxtown Health Centre, Old Clare St, Limerick
Templemore E41XE22 050431708 Templemore Health Centre, Marian Rd, Templemore
Thurles E41R1X3 0504 25880 Primary Care Health Centre, Mitchel St, Thurles