Welcome to Wexford Local Health Office

Through our Community Services Offices, in Grogan’s Road, George's Street and Slaney House, Wexford, the Local Health Office provides a wide range of services directly or through our Health Centres



General Practitioner Services
GPs and GP Out of Hours Services - Find details for local GPs/Family Doctors and GP Services available outside of Office Hours



Boarding Out Services
Health Centres and Public Health Nursing | - Find contact details for all the HSE Health Centres in our area and Public Health Nurses


Careres Support Groups
Older People Services - Contact details for services for Older People in our area

Family support, child Protection and Children in HSE Care Services

Children and Family Services - Child Health, Welfare and Protection Services, Family Support Services


Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Services - Mental Health Services
Mental Health Services - locate community and hospital psychiatric and mental health services in our area




Disability Services
Disability Services - Services for people living with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities in our area



Social Inclusion Services including Homelessness and Traveller Health

Social Inclusion - Services for Addiction, Assylum Seekers and Travellers



Careres Support Groups
Therapy Services - Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy and Chiropody