Pathology Department: Letterkenny University Hospital, LUH

The Pathology Department is situated on Level 2 of Letterkenny University Hospital and consists of the following departments:

Specimen Collection, Transport & Safety

Specimen transportation systems should ensure the timely arrival of specimens at laboratory reception, in optimal condition, at the correct destination, in a manner that does not pose a threat to the health and safety of anyone coming in contact with the sample and is in compliance with regulations.

Laboratory's Specimen Transport Policy (PDF)

 There are many hundreds of different tests available and finding the information to help you collect the right specimen in the right container for the test you require can sometimes be confusing. The following links may help you find the information you require.

Pathology Department General User Manual

Biochemistry User Manual

Blood Transfusion User Manual

Haematology User Manual

Histopathology User Manual

Microbiology User Manual

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