LIMS and Lab Web Enquiry Information, Terms and Conditions

Laboratory Information System and Lab Web Enquiry: Information, Terms and Conditions

HSE staff and staff working on behalf of the HSE (agency staff etc.) who require access to the system can apply for access to lab web enquiry via their local Lab Web Enquiry Helpdesk. Please send an email to the address corresponding to your work location. You will receive an auto-reply message containing a link to the Lab Web Enquiry application form. 
This form must be completed and submitted using Adobe Acrobat Reader while logged on to the HSE network. The link is not accessible from personal email addresses or home broadband etc. 

University Hospital Waterford
South Tipperary General Hospital
St. Lukes Hospital Kilkenny
Wexford General Hospital
All other Staff (Community Hospitals etc.)

Terms and Conditions of Use:

  • All activity on your Lab Web Enquiry account is recorded and may be subject to review/audit
  • You will be provided with access to laboratory results for the disciplines relevant to your role and work location which may include: Blood Sciences (Haematology/Biochemistry), Microbiology, Blood Transfusion, Histopathology and Point of Care
  • Use of Lab Web Enquiry and the information contained therein is subject to relevant Medical Record and Data Protection Legislation.
  • Users must adhere to all applicable HSE Information and Communications Acceptable Usage Policies, further information on which is available here
  • You must complete the "HSE ICT user declaration form". Your line manager is responsible for maintaining the completed copy of this on file for audit and control purposes.
    This form is available by clicking here or by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.  
  • Accounts are to be used by the person to whom they are issued only. Sharing of accounts and/or passwords is strictly prohibited.
  • Access to and use of information recorded on Lab Web Enquiry is only done so in the execution of duties consistent with your role.
  • Abuse of access or misuse of information on Lab Web Enquiry may result in that user:
            - Having access to the system temporarily revoked or permanently removed.
            - Disciplinary action in line with employment legislation.
            - Prosecution under relevant/applicable data protection legislation.

Ultimately all activity on an account is the responsibility of the named owner of that account.
Please ensure the following steps are followed in order to ensure the security of your account: 
           - Never reveal your username and/or password to anyone
           - Never write down your username/password on or near a PC or other piece of IT equipment.

 If you suspect your account has been compromised, please contact the laboratory via the email addresses provided above. 

Access to/use of Lab Web Enquiry constitutes that users' acceptance of the terms and conditions of use and an agreement to adhere to all applicable HSE ICT policies.    

HSE ICT User Declaration.docx (size 50.5 KB)

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