Services for carers

 How are the Health Services organised?
The HSE delivers health services across the country through six hospital groups and nine community health areas called Community Health Organisations (CHOs). The HSE also provides long term and short term residential care services for specific client groups.

Acute Hospitals Services
These services are provided to persons requiring attendance or admission to an Acute Hospital for treatment

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Community Health Organisations
Community Health Organisations support people who are dependent at home, and also the family and informal carers who look after them. Each Community Health Organisations delivers health and personal social services locally through a number of Local Health Offices and the local Primary Care Teams.

Local Health Offices
Each Local Health Office provides a wide range of health and personal social services to specific local communities within the area served by the Community Health Organisation.

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Primary Care Teams
Primary Care Teams provide services such as GPs, Public Health Nurses, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, home care services, including end of life care.

As a carer how do I find out about health services?
You can get information about health services, your entitlements, or how to access HSE health and social services in your area by contacting HSELive on 1800 700 700 or 041 685 0300.

Further information is also available by contacting your Local Health Office or your local Primary Care Team. Find your Local Health Office here

For more detailed information on the services available for specific care groups select the link listed below that best answers your questions:

  • Primary Care Services - Contact to access health services in the community is through your Doctor or Primary Care Team which includes your local Public Health Nurse and therapy services
  • Disability Services - Services targeted at persons with a disability
  • Mental Health Services - Services targeted at persons experiencing mental health difficulties, in addition to support provided by their GP
  • Older Persons Services - Services targeted at persons aged over 65

I might need medical equipment / aids / appliances (such as hoists, continence pads etc.), where do I get information?
A health professional will undertake a needs assessment of the service user to identify any equipment requirements. To find out more contact your local primary care team/ public health nurse or local health office who can advise you Find your Local Health Office

How can I access Respite (short term residential care) services?
Respite services are provided to individuals following an assessment of health needs of the individual user and subject to the resources available. To find out more about respite services contact your local primary care team/ public health nurse or local health office.  Find your Local Health Office 

The person I am caring for may need long term residential care?
The HSE operates the Nursing Home Support Scheme, to provide financial assistance towards the cost of long term residential care services. The HSE administers 'the Fair Deal scheme in line within the resources available and in line with the Nursing Home Support Scheme legislation.

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