HSE North West Training and Support Services (NWTSS)

About us

NWTSS is a consolidation of Donegal Community Inclusion Training Services, Sligo Leitrim Community Inclusion Training Services and ASCAIN Training & Support Service, Donegal.

NWTSS is a health and social care service, where the emphasis is placed on the health and personal development of the individual and operates under the mantle of New Directions, which consists of 12 pillars of support of which education is one those pillars.  Our purpose is to provide validated Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) programmes of education.  The programmes available range from level 1 to level 3.  Learners taking part on programmes in NWTSS are aged between 18 and 65 years and are in recovery from mental ill-health, have an intellectual disability or a dual diagnosis. 


Mission Statement of NWTSS

NWTSS seeks to provide a person centred service, empowering each individual with skills that will assist them to become active citizens of their local community with the option of gaining a recognised qualification while promoting a culture of lifelong learning and continuous quality of life improvement and positive recovery.


NWTSS aims to provide a range of training and personal supports to service users which actively promotes person centeredness and community inclusion.


To provide a high standard of support in line with a person centred approach which recognises and values each unique individual and supports them to achieve their goals, wishes and aspirations through the promotion of independence and autonomy, community inclusion and active citizenship.