Interim Standards for New Directions

The New Directions National Implementation Group have agreed to progress the implementation of the Interim Standards using a continuous quality improvement approach.

The Implementation of the Interim Standards will involve Self Evaluation in the first instance.  The purpose of Self Evaluation is to explore and reflect with all stakeholders (people using the service, staff and management) and to report on the effectiveness and quality of the supports being provided under New Directions.

Evaluation, Action and Service Improvement (EASI)

EASI is a Self Evaluation process by each service location provider and is a fundamental part of continuous quality improvement process and key to the delivery of the New Directions policy.  The aim of the EASI process is to produce a constructive report which will help each service location provider to maintain and improve the quality of its services and supports under New Directions.  For details on HSE funded Adult Disability Day Service Locations by Community Healthcare Organisation click here

Review of EASI Process Report

The Review of Evaluation Action and Service Improvement (EASI) Report  contains the information captured at review meetings in each CHO and will further inform the process for the roll out of the remaining Interim Standard's Themes both locally and nationally.  The review meetings were held in October and November 2018 and all day service locations are currently working within the reviewed EASI process.

Next Steps

  • An Interim Standards Subgroup representative of all day service providers is active within each CHO area. 
  • The EASI process has been implemented and is progressing within each CHO area.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Action Plans are being progressed and updated in all day service locations on a regular basis.
  • Update to EASI Process Timelines:

                 End of November 2020    -  All 7 Themes to be completed.                                               

                                                          -  Annual Review (Step 4) to be completed.

  June to December 2020  - Theme 1-7 National Report to be uploaded.

  Ongoing                           - CQI Action Planning and Report Barriers.

Further Information

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