Green Ribbon Campaign 2017


The Green Ribbon Campaign, a month long campaign to get people talking about mental health, will be rolled out this May. The campaign aims to challenge the stigma of mental health problems. It is the main national activity taking place under action 1.3 of Connecting for Life – ‘To reduce stigmatising attitudes to mental health and suicidal behaviour at population level and within priority groups’.

The campaign will see 500,000 green ribbons distributed across the country through partnerships with organisations like Irish Rail and Boots. Organisations are encouraged to distribute green ribbons to staff (these are free of charge) and to hold a Green Ribbon event to promote positive mental health.

The Green Ribbon campaign is managed by See Change, the National Stigma Reduction Partnership and supported by 90 partner organisations. It is funded by the HSE’s Mental Health Division.

To order green ribbons and find out more about the campaign please visit

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