ACCES - Assertive Outreach Model

What is Assertive Outreach?

Assertive Outreach is a way of working with you and supporting your mental health recovery journey. We will work with you in your own environment. This could be your home/hostel, a cafe, a park or in the street – wherever you need it and it helps you most.  It can also include visits to our mental health clinic in Parkgate Hall.

What help can outreach give me?

Being homeless and having mental health difficulties can dramatically interfere with your quality of life.  It can impact on your ability to engage in meaningful and important life roles and activities.  The Assertive Outreach Team will work with you to help identify goals that are relevant and meaningful for you, and provide support that is needed to help achieve these goals.  This can include: medication management, ongoing support and review for mental health needs, psychology and psycho-education, support with activities of daily living, support around welfare entitlements and housing needs, advocacy, relapse prevention and recovery work, support around education, work or leisure, and linking in with other agencies as needed.

Who will I see?

You will work with your key worker and psychiatrist who will support you with your mental health needs. You may also work with a community mental health nurse, an occupational therapist, a social worker or a psychologist. 

What is a key worker?

Your key worker is the main co-ordinator who helps you get the support you need.

How long does Outreach last?

There is no set time limit. We will continue to meet you for as long as needed to help you meet your goals. Goals are made to suit each person’s particular circumstances.  We aim to eventually link people back in with their Community Mental Health Teams once they are settled in permanent accommodation, settled in their community and their mental health is stable.  There will always be a discussion between you and the ACCES Team before you are referred to another team.