ACCES Team (Homeless Mental Health Service)

The ACCES team, (Assertive Community Care Evaluation Service) was set up 2004. It aims to provide a community mental health service for homeless people. Our work is based on an assertive community treatment model. 

The team's mission is to provide a mental health service to people experiencing homelessness in CHO 7 who are having difficulties linking in with local mental health services. 

Referral, directions, opening hours and contact numbers

Team Members

Services Offered

We run many different types of services. We provide assessment and treatment in different ways depending on the person's individual circumstances. It’s normal for people to move from one service to another depending on what difficulties they need to address at the time. We work closely with lots of other community services.

Services for Family, Friends, Homeless Service Staff and Carers:

It can be hard when you’re close to someone who’s dealing with a mental health problem. But you can also be a great help to them in managing their illness and recovery. The following service are specifically aimed to support carers.