The HSE uses the interRAI assessment any time that you have your care needs assessed. It helps us to identify your care and social support needs.

This can be part of your routine care, or when you apply to the HSE for support, for example Home Support or the Fair Deal Scheme.

Why we use interRAI

We use interRAI so that all older people are assessed for Home Support or Long Term Care the same way, using the best assessment available. 

The assessment will also be used for care planning. It shows opportunities for improvement and potential areas of decline in your health. 

It also helps to gather all of your relevant health information in one place. This means that that the information can be shared between hospital and community settings.

How the interRAI is used

There are 20 sections in the assessment. 

There are questions on your:

  • name, address, date of birth and next-of-kin
  • health conditions
  • social wellbeing
  • medicines
  • support needs

Getting assessed

A HSE staff member will carry out your assessment. This could be a Nurse, Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist. They will see what care needs you need help with.

They will ask for your consent before they start the assessment.

The assessment takes around 90 minutes. It takes the form of a conversation between you and the assessor. They will use a laptop to save your assessment.

You are welcome to have a family member with you.

When your assessment is finished they will create a summary report which you will be able to read. This will help you to be involved in planning your care. 

The summary report will be used to plan your care as part of any application process, such as Home Support or the Fair Deal Scheme.

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