About Nursing Homes

Only about 5% of all older people ever need residential or nursing home care. Residential Care is usually needed after a spell in hospital, where you are ready to leave the general hospital, but not quite well enough yet to manage at home alone. It can also be the best option when an older person becomes unable to live alone, through illness or disability.

The HSE provides a wide range of services designed to support people in their own homes at these times, but when people do need nursing home care, it can be hard to know what is available and what you are entitled to. This section of the site gives information and support on how to go about finding and choosing the right type of nursing home care.

If you need to access nursing home or residential care, you will be referred either by a hospital before you are discharged, or by your GP and Public Health Nurse. You can contact your Public Health Nurse through your Health Centre.

Find Public or HSE nursing homes

Fair Deal Nursing Home Support Scheme

HSE Guide to choosing a nursing home (PDF)