Health Improvement

About the Health Improvement team

Our team:

  • aims to improve population health and wellbeing through addressing the wider underlying determinants of health, including social and commercial influences, that impact health across the lifecourse
  • focuses on health equity, defined by the World Health Organisation as “the absence of unfair, avoidable and remediable differences in health status among groups of people… health equity is achieved when everyone can achieve their full potential for health and wellbeing”
  • works with those who experience inequalities, deprivation and other disadvantage: as the causes of inequalities are complex and unevenly distributed actions need to focus on improving the health of those with the poorest health outcomes first - this is called proportionate universalism
  • uses rights-based approaches
  • has an evidence-based approach with an emphasis on evaluation, impact, effectiveness and research
  • advocates for Health in all Policies working across sectors working in partnership with communities and individuals
  • contributes to national policy actions

Contact us

The Health Improvement team can be contacted by emailing

Last updated 04/07/2024