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Links: Public Health

Food alerts from Food Safety Authority of Ireland - www.fsai.ie

Current news from the HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre - www.hpsc.ie

Current news from the Health Service Executive - www.hse.ie

Help prevent childhood unintentional injuries / accidents - www.hse.ie/childsafety

Notifiable diseases in Ireland - the updated list is available at www.hpsc.ie

New schedule, more protection - New immunisation schedule for children born on or after 1st October 2016 - find our more at www.immunisation.ie

Healthy Ireland - a Government-led initiative which aims to create an Irish society where everyone can enjoy physical and mental health, and where wellbeing is valued and supported at every level of society - www.healthyireland.ie

Healthy food for life - a toolkit which includes a new Food Pyramid and guidance materials to help people makes choices to maintain a healthy, balanced diet available at www.healthyireland.ie

Feeling under the weather? Undertheweather.ie, developed by the HSE in partnership with GPs and pharmacists, offers straightforward advice on how to get through common illnesses without antibiotics.

Use antibiotics wisely - visit www.hse.ie/antibiotics

Childhood Obesity Campaign 2016 – Break the Bad Habits:  Research from last year conveyed that that while parents are open to change and reducing treats given to children, the numbers giving their children treats every day is actually increasing.  Take a moment to view the campaign: www.safefood.eu/Childhood-Obesity/Welcome.aspx and spread the message through twitter #breakbadhabits

Protect your well water - it is estimated that 30% of private wells in Ireland are contaminated with E-coli. Well owners are urged to assess their private well to ensure they are not putting their health or the health of family and visitors at risk. Please see www.epa.ie for further information and practical guidance.

Clean hands save lives - washing your hands regularly is the single most effective way of stopping the spread of many common infections. Find out more at www.hse.ie/handhygiene

Let's take on childhood obesity - make being active fun, reduce portion sizes, manage "treat" food, replace sugary drinks, encourage less screen time & more sleep. Find out more at www.safefood.eu

Prevent or minimise the spread of infection, illness and disease in schools - for information read the Management of Infectious Disease in Schools

The Immunisation Guidelines for Ireland are available at www.hse.ie/immunisation

Every breastfeed makes a difference - www.breastfeeding.ie

Vaccines for you and your family - immunisation is a simple, safe and effective way of protecting people against harmful diseases before they come into contact with them in the community. Immunisation not only protects individuals, but also others in the community, by reducing the spread of disease - http://hse.ie/eng/health/Immunisation/pubinfo/

Protect your health when travelling abroad