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Acknowledgment of Images and Symbols used in the Document

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The images used in 5 sections were provided by contributors to the document and other external parties as follows:

  • Baptist Churches: The image of Baptism by full immersion in water was photographed by Pastor William Colville, Portadown Baptist Church ©. The image was provided by the Association of Baptists in Ireland with Pastor Colville's permission.
  • Church of Ireland: The Celtic Cross symbol was provided by Canon Patrick Comerford, Church of Ireland Theological Institute.
  • First Church of Christ Scientist: The image of the Cross and Crown motif displayed on the holy text Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures was provided by the Christian Science Committees on Publication for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.
  • Irish Traveller Community: The image of the wagon was photographed by Derek Spiers for Pavee Point Travellers Centre ©. Pavee Point provided us with the image with Mr Spiers permission.
  • Orthodox Traditions: The Cross of the Romanian Orthodox Church is the symbol of the Church in Ireland and was kindly supplied by Reverend Fr Godfrey O'Donnell.
  • Presbyterian Traditions: The logo of the Presbyterian Church, embodying the Burning Bush image, was sourced from the Church's website with consent.
  • Religious Society of Friends: The image of George Fox depicted on a postage stamp was reproduced by kind permission of An Post ©.
  • Traditional and Ancient Religions: The image of the sun entering the chamber at Newgrange on the winter Solstice was photographed and kindly provided to us by Con Brogan, Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government (DEHLG) ©.


The images used in the following sections are artistic impressions of symbols associated with each group. The drawings, created by Legato Design, are based on images of the symbols publically available on official websites and literature produced by or on behalf of each group. The contributors for each of these section indicated that the image was appropriate for use for their group.

  • Bahá'í: the Nine-pointed Star.
  • Buddhist Traditions: the Dharmachakra.
  • First Church of Christ, Scientist: the Cross and Crown motif.
  • Hinduism: the Om sacred sound.
  • Jehovah's Witnesses: the Watchtower.
  • Islam (also contained in Figure 2): the Crescent Moon and Five-pointed Star.
  • Lutheran Church: the Luther Rose.
  • Methodist Church: the Orb and a White Cross.
  • People without religious belief: the Happy Humanist.
  • Roma Community: the Roma Chakra.
  • Seventh-day Adventists: An open Bible, a cross and the burning flame of the Holy Spirit.


The images for the following sections were sourced by Legato Design from the Stock Photography Imaging website.

  • Chinese Community: the Chinese Dragon.
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: the trumpeting Angel Moroni.
  • Evangelical Churches: the Ichthus.
  • Judaism: the Star of David.
  • Pentecostal Churches: the Dove depicting the Holy Spirit.
  • Roman Catholic Church (also contained in Figure 1): the Crucifix, the body of Christ on the cross.
  • Sikhism: the Khanda.


Note: The symbols in a few sections contain photographs of people. The HSE received permission from the people/families concerned to use the images in this publication.