HR Circulars 2018

HR Circular 001 2018 re temp arrangements arising from HR Circ 017 2013

HR Circular 002 2018 re Increases in certain public service pensions with effect from 1 Sept 2017

HR Circular 003 2018 re Voluntary Redundancy Schemes 2010 and re-employment in the public service

HR Circular 004 2018 re Correction to 1Jan18 and 1Apr17 Consolidated Salary Scales

HR Circular 005 2018 re Changes to payment of HSE Sick Pay and Occ Injury Benefit by DEASP

HR Circular 006 2018 re Retirement Age and CSP

HR Circular 007 2018 re Sleepover Allowance

HR Circular 008 2018 re HSE ICT Out of Hours emergency on-call

HR Circular 009 2018 re Sponsorship of Post Registration Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Education Initiative

HR Circular 010 2018 re Pension Increase Policy in Public Service until end of 2020

HR Circular 011 2018 re Allowances paid to Radiographers employed in Breastcheck National Screening Service

HR Circular 012 2018 re Garda Vetting Requirements

HR Circular 013 2018 re Application of 1 April 2018 Pay Adjustments and related measures in accordance with FEMPI

HR Circular 014 2018 re Changes to Critical Illness Protocol

HR Circular 015 2018 re HSE Policy on Annual Certification of registration of Physiotherapists with the Physiotherapist Registration Board at CORU

HR Circular 016 2018 re Medical Intern Overtime Rate clarification

HR Circular 017 2018 re Leave and Recognition arising from the effects of Storm Emma and Storm Ophelia

HR Circular 018 2018 re Chaplaincy Services 2018

HR Circular 019 2018 re Peer Flu Vaccination Programme 2018 2019

HR Circular 020 2018 re Application of 1 October 2018 Pay Adjustments under the Public Service Pay and Pensions Act 2017

HR Circular 021 2018 re Consultant Contract 2008 - Pay Scales for Implementation of High Court Settlement Agreement for eligible Consultants

HR Circular 022 2018 re English Language Requirements for NCHDs

HR Circular 023 2018 re Annual Leave entitlements for Executive Officer and Clerical Officers on secondment from the Civil Service

HR Circular 024 2018 re First Phase of Retrospection arising from task transfer sharing Social Care Sector Older Peoples Services and Intellectual Disabilities Services

HR Circular 025 2018 re Change to Sleepover hourly rate due to increase in National Minimum Wage

HR Circular 026 2018 re expenses arising from work undertaken for another public body

HR Circular 027 2018 re Domestic Subsistence Allowances

HR Circular 028 2018 - Pay Adjustments, Consolidated Salary Scales and other related matters for 1st January 2019

HR Circular 029 2018 re Public Service Superannuation Age of Retirement Bill 2018 - Increase in compulsory retirement age