HSE HR Circulars 2006

HSE HR Circular 01/2006 re HSE 2006 Employment Control Framework.pdf (size 924.4 KB)

HSE HR Circular 02/2006 re Annual Leave - Ambulance Adjudication Finding October 2005.pdf (size 44.8 KB)

HSE HR Circular 03/2006 re Nurse Managers Reporting Relationships.pdf (size 479.4 KB)

HSE HR Circular 004/2006 re Co-ordination and overseeing of undergraduate student therapists during clinical placements.pdf (size 62.8 KB)

HSE HR Circular 005/2006 re Radiographers/Radiation Therapists (Contracted Working Hours).pdf (size 71 KB)

HSE HR Circular 06/2006 re Team-Based Performance Management.pdf (size 77.6 KB)

HSE HR Circular 008/2006 re Sessional Rates - (Certain Paramedical Grades).pdf (size 366.8 KB)

HSE HR Circular 009/2006 re Sponsorship for Public Health Service Employees wishing to train as Nurses/Midwives.pdf (size 108.8 KB)

HSE HR Circular 010/2006 re Team Leader Emergency Medical Controller.pdf (size 237.5 KB)

HSE HR Circular 011/2006 re Recruitment.pdf (size 53 KB)

HSE HR Circular 012/2006 re Recruitment - Clerical Administrative Grades.pdf (size 404.9 KB)

HSE HR Circular 013/2006 re Roman Catholic Hospital Chaplains.pdf (size 108 KB)

HSE HR Circular 015/2006 re Granting of incremental Credit to participants on Post Registration Midwifery and Children’s Programme commencing September 2006.pdf (size 66.2 KB)

HSE HR Circular 016/2006 re Implementation of Report No. 41 of Review Body on Higher Remuneration.pdf (size 209.5 KB)

HSE HR Circular 17/2006 re Information and Consultation Agreement.zip (size 2.7 MB)

HSE HR Circular 20/2006 re Travelling Expenses/Motor Travel Rates.pdf (size 149.9 KB)

HSE HR Circular 21/2006 re Subsistence Allowances in Ireland.pdf (size 139.3 KB)

HSE HR Circular 22/2006 re Revised Rates for Subsistence Abroad.pdf (size 370.6 KB)

HSE HR Circular 023/2006 re Starting Pay on Promotion - Clinical Nurse Managers 2 who are in receipt of a Specialist Qualifications/Location Allowance.pdf (size 221.5 KB)

HSEA HR Circular Nov/06 MRSA Infection - Nursing and Midwife staff.pdf (size 26 KB)

DOHC HR Circular No 23 06 10 03 re Purchase Notional Service for superannuation purposes.pdf (size 1.9 MB)

HSE Circular 013 2006 re Roman Catholic Hospital Chaplains.pdf (size 3.2 MB)

HSE HR Circular 17 2006 re Information and Consultation Agreement.pdf (size 509.7 KB)

HSE HR Circular 022 2006 re Revised Rates for Subsistence Abroad.pdf (size 258.7 KB)

Department of Health and Children Circulars

DOHC Circular 01 2006 re Increase in Retirement old age pension.pdf (size 60.8 KB)

DOHC Circular 08 2006 re Finance Act 2006 Pension Implications.pdf (size 323.6 KB)

DOHC Circular 20 2006 re Part time Public Service Employees extension of time.pdf (size 24.5 KB)

DoHC Circular 25 2006 re Revised Term Time Scheme 2006 for NCSSBs.pdf (size 44.7 KB)