Workforce Reporting & Intelligence

‘A robust evidence base is essential to support healthcare professionals in the design, delivery and evaluation of high quality health services’, (Slaintecare, 2017).

The Strategic Workforce Planning and Intelligence Department is responsible for building this evidence base through the provision of high quality and timely data, information and analysis on the workforce. It has overarching responsibility for the production of employment monitoring reports/Health Service Personnel Census (HSPC), National Absence Report and Staff Turnover Report.

Workforce Intelligence reports by the following areas:
National Reports
The latest national health service workforce intelligence reports, including Absence, Staff Turnover, and Employment Levels
Division Reports
The latest workforce intelligence reports, including Acute Service Community Service, Health & Wellbeing, Corporate, and HBS
Hospital Group/ CHI 
The latest workforce intelligence reports for the Acute Services, Children's Health Ireland, at Hospital and Hospital Group level
Community Healthcare Organisation Reports
 The latest workforce intelligence reports for Community Services, at care group level to include Mental Health, Primary Care, Older Persons, and Disabilities

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