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Physical Wellbeing

We encourage healthy behaviours such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, no smoking and moderation with alcohol. 

What is available to help you?

Healthy Ireland

Healthy Ireland is a Government-led initiative which aims to create an Irish society where everyone can enjoy physical and mental health, and where wellbeing is valued and supported at every level of society

Get Active

You know exercise is good for you, but do you know how good? No matter what age you are, find out how regular physical activity can improve your life. Check out Get Ireland Active for more information.
ParkrunEvery week parkrun organises a free 5k run at over 30 venues across Ireland in parkland surroundings. People of every age and ability are encouraged to take part.  its great fun so what stopping you!
Health and SafetyThe HSEs' National Health and Safety Function provides a support resource that motivates, enables and empowers managers and staff to discharge their legal and moral duties with regard to OSH management.  We want to help you, so we have developed lots of valuable information, tools and guidance to assist you so why not click on the button to find out more?
Manual Handling

The HSE aims to promote a safe manual handling and people handling culture to reflect current best practice and legislation.

Manual Handling and other mandatory training modules are available at HSELand https://www.hseland.ie/



There are now more quitters than smokers in Ireland. Join the QUIT community www.quit.ie 

Want to QUIT smoking? You are twice as like to QUIT for good using free help from the HSE QUIT Team find out more www.quit.ie 

askaboutalcohol.ieAskaboutalcohol.ie is where you can find out what a standard drink looks like, keep track of how much you've had and how it alcohol affects you. 
Health Promotion.ieClick here to view all the HSE Health Promotion campaigns