Emergency situations

If you have completed Modules 1 and 2 of the National Healthcare Communication Programme, you will be familiar with the Calgary-Cambridge Guide and with the communication skills required to build relationships, gather and give information and so on. During this module we will introduce you to some of the skills and tactics used within Hostage and Crisis Negotiation. The Communication Framework used by negotiators is both robust and flexible to meet their communication needs in any situation. From fast moving dynamic incidents (similar to the emergencies we encounter) through to slow time more considered deployments (similar to our daily routines), the framework is transferable to healthcare and is particularly helpful for those working at the sharp end.


Emergency situations (PDF,  564 KB, 2 pages)

Patient stories

Emergency situations (Brightcove.com)

Skills card

Emergency situations (PDF, 1.3 MB, 15 pages)

Case study

Emergency situations (healthcarecoms.hseland.ie)


Core Emotional Concerns (Brightcove.com)


Core Emotional Concerns (Brightcove.com)


Core Emotional Concerns (Acast)

Emergency situation skills demonstration

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Emergency situations debrief sheet (PDF, 379 KB, 7 pages)