National Healthcare Communication Programme

The National Healthcare Communication Programme is designed to support healthcare staff to learn, develop and maintain their communication skills with patients, their families and with colleagues. The Programme is underpinned by the Core Values of Care, Compassion, Trust and Learning and builds on these values with a focus on Person‐Centred and Clinical Communication Skills.


Communication Skills

The Programme takes a skills based approach to the facilitation and learning of how to communicate with patients and their families because, through this approach, specific, describable behaviours can be identified, which staff can then learn and use in their interactions with patients and their families. Learn more about communication skills

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The National Healthcare Communication Programme has been developed in partnership with EACH – the International Association for Communication in Healthcare.

The Irish branch of EACH have partnered with INHED to work together to promote enhanced awareness of the EACH Organisation and to co-host seminars, courses and events. Learn more about EACH and INHED.