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National Healthcare Communication Programme

The National Healthcare Communication Programme is designed to support healthcare staff to learn, develop and maintain their communication skills with patients, their families and with colleagues. The Programme is underpinned by the Core Values of Care, Compassion, Trust and Learning and builds on these values with a focus on Person‐Centred and Clinical Communication Skills.


Communication Skills

The Programme takes a skills based approach to the facilitation and learning of how to communicate with patients and their families because, through this approach, specific, describable behaviours can be identified, which staff can then learn and use in their interactions with patients and their families. Learn more


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Our workshops are for all staff who deliver health and social care services in the HSE. The workshops are designed to enable you to take a skilled, sensitive and person-centred approach in all conversations with patients and their families.

Case studies

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The case studies will help you to prepare for communication situations that you may find challenging. All cases are based on real-life clinical scenarios. Each case will bring you into the healthcare setting and invite you to consider all of the communication skills that influence the encounter. 


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The videos can be used in learning and development sessions or used at staff meetings to initiate discussion on how staff can improve communication skills with patients, families and with each other.

Reference cards

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Communication skills reference cards that you can carry in your pocket or view on your mobile device.

Documents and resources

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The National Healthcare Communication Programme has been developed in partnership with EACH – the International Association for Communication in Healthcare.