National fertility services

Fertility tests and treatment to help people get pregnant are part of our fertility services.

They are available through regional fertility hubs. There are 6 hubs based in public maternity hospital networks across the country.

Regional fertility hubs

Using HSE fertility services

What to expect at a regional fertility hub

Getting IVF and other specialist treatment through the HSE

Resources for professionals

Resources are available for GPs and regional fertility hub staff.

These include:

  • fertility screening questionnaires
  • information to give people when they are referred for tests or treatment

Regional Fertility Hub Information Booklet (PDF, size 1.9 MB, 24 pages)

Male Fertility Screening Questionnaire (PDF, size 559.6 KB, 4 pages)

Female Fertility Screening Questionnaire (PDF, size 579.4 KB, 4 pages)

Assisted Human Reproduction Services Information Booklet (PDF, size 874.8 KB, 16 pages)

Assisted Human Reproduction Services Consent Booklet (PDF, size 687.3 KB, 12 pages)