The HSE and social media in 2017

Published by Muiriosa Ryan, Social Media and Data Analytics Lead

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The widespread use of social media in daily life in Ireland has presented the HSE with an incredible opportunity to engage with our users. From Storm Ophelia to countering misinformation around the HPV vaccine, it’s been a busy and rewarding year for our social team. Here are some of our most popular tweets and Facebook posts.

Thank yous


This thank you note to frontline staff during Storm Ophelia in October was one of our most popular tweets ever. It racked up 86,029 Impressions, thus showing how much people appreciate the work of emergency staff. Thank you all so much!


This heartwarming story about a student nurse who comforted an upset patient shows how important compassion is in our line of work.


This letter to the editor in the Irish Times in November shows how hardworking and invested GPs are.



This year the HSE committed itself to tackling misinformation around the HPV vaccine with facts. Posts like this were incredibly important and effective at spreading the message about a vaccination that is proven to save lives. Uptake of the vaccine rose by 11% this year.


We also used short videos to explain how the HPV vaccine works.

"Hello, my name is..."


The #hellomynameis campaign is a simple campaign across the HSE where staff members wear clear name badges. It’s to help users of the HSE feel at ease in clinical situations.

Individual Health Identifier


The Individual Health Identifier is a number that identifies each person who has used, or may use a health or social care service in Ireland. The main benefit of having an IHI is to improve patient safety by reducing errors that might happen, such as ensuring patients receive the correct medication, vaccinations, and treatment.

Flu vaccine


Every year the HSE runs a flu vaccination awareness campaign. This year we put a huge amount of focus into our social messaging – did you see any posts about the flu vaccine? And more importantly, did you get it?

Dementia campaign


Our Dementia: Understand Together website was launched in the Autumn and is performing great across social, thus displaying the need for an approachable and user-friendly resource around an issue affecting families up and down the country.

Ask about alcohol

An alcohol awareness website and campaign with no industry ties? We’ve got one for you. Make sure you like our Ask About Alcohol page!

Before we say goodbye to 2017 we wanted to share a video about the work our passionate communications team did. See you in 2018!


Photo by William Iven on Unsplash