Voice and tone

We want to be the trusted source of information in Ireland and to reflect our values – care, compassion, trust and learning – in everything we do.

We must communicate in a way that:
• expresses our values
• builds trust in what we say
• is consistent across everything we write

That’s why everyone who writes for HSE.ie must follow our voice and style guidelines.

The difference between voice and tone

We always have the same voice, but we sometimes change our tone.
People do this all the time. You might use one tone in a meeting with your boss, and a different tone when you’re home having dinner with your family. It’s still you.

We always consider our audience when we write. So, we try to take their emotional state into account, and to vary our tone accordingly. We sound different when we’re writing for people who are worried about their health than for people who are looking for a job with the HSE.

Read our voice guide.

Read our tone guide.