Cervical Screening

National Cervical Screening Programme

The National Cervical Screening Programme is available to women aged 25 to 65. Women participating in the programme can arrange an appointment to have a free test with a CervicalCheck registered sample taker (doctor or practice nurse) of their choice.

More information about the cervical screening programme and contact details for registered sample takers can be viewed on the CervicalCheck website.

The HSE National Screening Service engage General Practitioners and medical practitioners to carry out cervical screening tests in the Primary Care setting on eligible clients.  Screening tests are submitted to the laboratories designated by the HSE National Screening Service.

On the 1 September 2022 new nationally agreed contracts for the provision of cervical screening in a Primary Care setting care were implemented. For ease of reference please see contract document below.  This provides detailed information for medical practitioners and clinics on the terms and conditions of the contract and should be closely reviewed prior to signing contract acceptance form.

If you are requesting to be registered with CervicalCheck, please email admin@cervicalcheck.ie  stating that you wish to be a contract holder with the Programme.  Please provide your name, MCRN, Practice / Clinic name and address.  The required registration documentation will then be issued to you for completion. 

If you have any queries, in relation to completing the documentation please contact CervicalCheck; Telephone:061406500  or email:admin@cervicalcheck.ie  Forms with incorrect details will be returned to the requestee thus delaying the registration process.

Those who are currently registered as Qualified Persons (Registered Sampletakers) and who wish to continue in this role are not required to complete a Contract Acceptance Form.  However, if your contact details or details of the practice you are working with have changed, please forward the new details to admin@cervicalcheck.ie without delay.

All CervicalCheck-registered contract holders and sampletakers are obliged to engage in regular CPD – details of education courses, clinical updates and webinar recordings are availablehttps://www.cervicalcheck.ie/health-professionals.3800.html