Contract for the provision of Free GP Care to all Children under the age of 6

The provision of free GP care to children under the age of 6 represents the first phase in the provision of free GP care for the entire population.

It is part of the Government Health Reform Programme, Future Health, to create a single-tier health service, supported by Universal Health Insurance with universal primary care including GP care without fees at the point of services.

If you are a parent or guardian click here to find out more and register.

The contract document provides very detailed information for GPs on the terms and conditions of the contract.

The HSE is issuing a copy of the contract document to all of the existing 2,400 GPs who hold GMS contracts inviting them to participate in the new under 6’s GP care service and to sign the contract.

It will also be open to any qualified GP who does not currently hold a GMS contract to apply.

GPs are independent contractors and it will be up to each doctor individually to decide whether they sign up for or opt out of this new arrangement.

In addition to providing GP care for all under 6’s the new contract will also include the provision of periodic wellness checks for children once at age two and once at age five, which are focused on health and wellbeing and disease prevention.

It also includes a cycle of care for the management of Asthma.  GPs will be required to maintain a register of Child Patients aged under 6 years with a diagnosis of Asthma and provide services to such Child Patients in accordance with the agreed cycle of Care. 

The HSE requests GPs to return signed contracts as soon as possible to facilitate the prompt roll-out of the next step in the process including the registration of the under 6’s by their parents/guardians in early June.

Under 6's GP Contract.pdf (size 283.8 KB)

Form of Agreement.pdf (size 59.3 KB)

Explanatory Note Under 6 Contract.pdf (size 59.1 KB)