Cervical Screening

National Cervical Screening Programme

The National Cervical Screening Programme is available to women aged 25 to 65. Women participating in the programme can arrange an appointment to have a free test with a CervicalCheck registered sample taker (doctor or practice nurse) of their choice.

More information about the cervical screening programme and contact details for registered sample takers can be viewed on the CervicalCheck website.

CervicalCheck made the transition from a primary cytology programme ( based on the smear test)  to a primary HPV programme on 30 March 2020. This brings the screening programme in line with international evidence on best cervical screening practice and the 2017 HIQA HTA recommendations.

The HSE National Screening Service engage General Practitioners and medical practitioners to carry out cervical screening tests in the Primary Care setting on eligible clients.

They submit tests for screening to a laboratory (or laboratories) designated by the HSE National Screening Service.

The contract document provides detailed information for General Practitioners and medical practitioners (clinics) on the terms and conditions of the contract.