General Dental Practitioner and Clinical Dental Technician Contracts

Dental Treatment Services Scheme Contract (DTSS)

Dental Services in Ireland are provided by two main types of service.

HSE Dental Clinics, provide services for children from birth to 15 years. This service is accessed through school screening in primary schools.

The Dental Treatment Services Scheme Contact provides access to dental treatment for adult medical card holders (aged 16 or over).  Private Dentists, who have contracts with the HSE can provide certain services under a DTSS contract.  

Clinical Dental Technicians

Clinical Dental Technicians are dental healthcare professionals, registered with the Dental Council, who provide complete dentures and partial dentures directly to adult patients when the patient’s oral health is established through a recent visit to a dentist. They do not carry out work on natural teeth or on living tissue. Clinical Dental Technicians who have a contract with the HSE can treat medical cardholders under the Dental Treatment Services Scheme.