Calorie Posting

In September 2015, the HSE Leadership Team approved the implementation of a Calorie Posting Policy across all HSE facilities.  The Calorie Posting Policy is an important initiative supporting two key policy priority areas - Healthy Eating and Active Living and Staff Health and Wellbeing.

The purpose of this Policy is to promote awareness and increase consumption of healthier food and drink choices amongst HSE staff and the public using and visiting HSE healthcare facilities, by highlighting the calorie content of food and drinks provided in HSE facilities.

The policy applies to all in-house catering and contracted catering and vending services throughout the HSE.  The policy does not apply to in-patient menus.

The full Policy can be accessed at the end of this page under 'Related Files'.Calorie Posting Policy Background Facts

A Calorie Posting Toolkit has been designed to assist local management when implementing the policy.

Toolkit for Calorie posting

Guidance for Calorie Posting Implementation

Calorie Posting Policy

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Presentation for Catering Staff

Calorie Posting Study Day

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