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In this section you will find details of the range of leaflets and booklets for parents, health professionals, teachers and others. Most of these can be ordered free-of-charge or downloaded from www.healthpromotion.ie
healthylunchboxesActive Play Every Day 0-3 years – a leaflet and set of activity cards for parents and childcare providers to help them support active play for young children.
activeplaythreetosixActive Play Every Day 3-6 year - a leaflet for parents and childcare providers to help them support active play for young children

Get active go walking – a leaflet for adults to promote walking


Get active your way - a booklet on how to be more physically active on a regular basis

getactiveonyourwayGet active on your way - a leaflet promoting the benefits of active travel

Healthy Eating for Pregnancy - A booklet giving advice on healthy eating for pregnancy, including information about the vitamins minerals and nutrients required


Vitamin D and your baby – a leaflet for women on the importance of vitamin D supplements for babies under 1 year of age


Introducing Family Meals - Booklet providing information and advice on introducing your baby to family meals (weaning).


3-Week Menu Plan – A Resource for Pre-schools designed to ensure that pre-schoolers receive all their daily nutritional requirements


Eat Smart Move More - Booklet with advice for parents of primary school children on how to help their children eat more healthily and get more active to maintain a healthy weight


Healthy lunchboxesLeaflet with practical tips for parents/adults and children on how to prepare a healthy lunchbox


Healthy eating - what’s in it for me (i-tunes) – a leaflet to encourage young people to make healthy food choices.

Your Child's Weight series


Your Childs Weight – a booklet for parents to guide them on making changes to their family’s lifestyle in the areas of diet and physical activity and preventing obesity.


A Guide for parents – a guide for parents on communicating with their child about a healthy weight


A Guide for Health Professionals – an information resource for health professionals on how they can assist parents and guardians in communicating with their children about body weight

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