HSE Period Dignity Project

Period poverty is when someone can't afford, or access, suitable period products.

The HSE National Social Inclusion office (NSIO) in 2022 instigated a demand led, period dignity pilot scheme in partnership with HSE South East Community Health. The aim of the project is to reduce period stigma, increase education and distribute free period products.

The NSIO is working with the Department of Health and key stakeholders in the HSE to implement and a working group was established in January 2022. After the successful pilot in HSE South East, the scheme was extended to other areas in the second half of 2022 and the scheme was rolled out nationally in 2023. 

The scheme provides period products to social inclusion target groups, including Travellers, Roma, international protection applicants, refugees, those experiencing homelessness, addiction services, domestic violence refuges, LGBTI+. 

The period dignity scheme aims to progress the key recommendations from the ‘Period Poverty in Ireland’ Report.

Downloadable posters for the scheme are available:

English red period poster

English pink period poster

Irish red period poster

Irish pink period poster

Czech red period poster

Czech pink period poster

Romanian red period poster

Romanian pink period poster

Last updated on: 15 / 11 / 2022