Intercultural Health and Social Inclusion

The broadening of diversity resulting from the rich mix of cultures within Ireland has significantly enriched the fabric of social, economic and cultural life in Ireland. At the same time, this emerging diversity presents challenges for health services when responding to the needs of people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

The HSE National Intercultural Health Strategy 2007-2012 was very positive. The second National Intercultural Health Strategy 2018-2023 was launched by the National Social Inclusion office in Jan 2019. Please click here for a video and photographs from the day and more information on the second strategy. We have a valuable role to play. We can help put in place an intercultural approach to planning and delivering care and support services in an equal, accessible and effective way, acknowledging and valuing the diversity of all service users.

We fund a number of agencies, some of which are listed here, to deliver services on our behalf to service users from diverse groups. Further information is available in the tabs.

Other activity

Multilingual supports

It has been shown that providing multilingual resources helps service users from diverse backgrounds to access and navigate health services more effectively and appropriately. We work in partnership with key stakeholders to develop a standardised approach to providing interpreting services and to making sure good practice is followed when translating essential health-related material into different languages.

Intercultural Awareness eLearning programme

The Intercultural Awareness eLearning programme supports staff to be aware and respectful of ethnic, cultural and religious diversity of people who use our services. The main aim of this programme is to reduce the potential harm that unconscious bias may cause. Please see further information here.

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