Mobile Health and Screening Unit

The Mobile Health and Screening Unit (MHSU) for Vulnerable Migrants and other hard to reach groups is an innovative new service being planned and established by the HSE Social Inclusion Office, in partnership with Safetynet. This service is made possible through funding from Dormant Accounts and the donation of the Unit by ‘Find and Treat’ team of the NHS.  

The MHSU aims to add capacity to the current health system, identify and treat health problems and reduce threats from communicable diseases. It will offer screening and / or Primary Care services to refugees arriving under the Irish Refugee Protection Programme in the first instance, as well as to other groups who experience difficulty in accessing these services through the mainstream health system.

The MHSU will respond rapidly and flexibly to screening and health assessment needs of vulnerable and marginalised groups. We hope to expand this service to other Vulnerable Migrants at Risk (including Roma & Asylum Seekers), Homeless persons, Irish Travellers, Illicit Drug Users and Prisoners.

Engagement with hard to reach groups will be utilised as an opportunity for harm reduction advice and the implementation of health promotion and preventative strategies.

The MHSU is being used to support refugees arriving at Ballaghaderreen.


NHS 'Find and Treat' team arrive in Ireland with the Unit.              


Safetynet Team members Dr Erin Alison, Dr Caroline Noone and Nurse Carol Murphy available to work with refugees at Ballaghaderreen.