The HSE's Social Inclusion supports the development and implementation of initiatives that enhance healthcare delivery to support equitable health outcomes for minority and vulnerable communities. People who identify as LGBTI+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Intersex) are one such community that we support in partnership with colleagues in the community and voluntary agencies, HSE disciplines and service users.

All LGBTI+ health work carried out in the HSE is informed and underpinned by a number of key national policy documents, strategies and standards;

LGBTI+ Inclusion Strategy 2019-2021

World's first LGBTI+ National Youth Strategy 2018-2020

LGBTI Health Regional Steering Group, SECH CHO5

LGBTIreland Report

Additional Information and supports available

Additional information on LGBTI+ sexual identity and orientation with a list of available supports can be found here.